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Empowering Energy Solutions with Great Energy 1

Discover why Great Energy 1 stands as a premier energy brokerage firm in the United States. Serving both residential and commercial clients, we leverage strategic industry relationships to provide cost-effective energy solutions tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Energy Expertise

Great Energy 1 serves as a trusted advisor and brokerage platform across all deregulated US markets. Whether you’re a commercial entity seeking better energy cost management or an energy professional in search of enhanced support, we deliver tailored solutions.

What Advantages Do Energy Brokerage Firms Offer?

Cost Reduction

Reduce operational costs and enhance efficiency with our expertise in electricity and natural gas markets.

Goal Achievement

We support businesses and professionals alike in achieving their goals.

Optimal Pricing

Brokerage firms like Great Energy 1 ensure optimal energy pricing strategies and customized energy plans.

Partner with Great Energy 1

Join our network and save money!


Competitive pricing from multiple energy suppliers


Licensed access to numerous utility markets.

Support Team

Professional & dedicated support team for our users.

Adavance Technology

Cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support services

Drive Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Experience real savings with Great Energy 1 through:

Competitive Quotes

Thorough supplier vetting and competitive price quoting

Utility Audits

Utility audits for error identification and correction

Reporting & Solutions

Transparent reporting and energy efficiency solutions

Ready to navigate the complexities of energy markets? Contact Great Energy 1 today to connect with an energy professional and explore how we can optimize your energy needs.

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