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Encouraging Renters to Save Electricity

Implementing Submetering For Tenants Stands Out As A Primary Strategy For Cutting Down On Energy Expenses In Shopping Malls. This Initiative Alone Has Demonstrated Potential Energy Savings Of Up To 18%. By Leveraging Eig Meters And An Effective Energy Management System, We Can Shift Tenant Perspectives And Heighten Awareness About Energy Consumption.
  • Bill Tenants Based On Their Actual Energy Consumption Instead Of Using Square Footage For Billing.
  • Promote Fairness In Billing And Incentivize Energy Conservation.
  • Automatically Generate Tenant Invoices And Executive Summary Reports.
When Tenants Observe The Direct Correlation Between Their Energy Usage And Bills, They Are Motivated To Reduce Their Consumption. This Not Only Leads To Immediate Savings But Also Fosters A Culture Of Long-Term Energy Efficiency.

Optimize Costs With AI-Driven Forecasting

Harnessing The Power Of Artificial Intelligence, Our Cutting-Edge Energy Management System Offers Predictive Insights Into Future Energy Consumption Trends. By Leveraging These Forecasts, Shopping Mall Managers Can Proactively Implement Effective Energy Reduction Initiatives. Utilizing Both Historical Energy Data And Upcoming Weather Forecasts, Our System Forecasts Usage And Demand Across All Metered Points Before They Materialize.

Precisely Forecast Energy Demand And Usage Using Advanced AI and Machine Learning Algorithms. Take Preemptive Action On Anticipated Peak Demand To Avoid Penalties. Access Comprehensive Energy Dashboards That Meticulously Outline Energy Consumption And Demand Across Various Sections Of The Shopping Mall, Accompanied By Insightful Predictive Analysis.

The Energy Management System Sends Out Emails Alerting Users To Anticipated Peak Demand Up To Three Days Beforehand. Given That Demand Charges Can Comprise Up To 50% Of A Facility’s Total Energy Expenses, Such Insights Can Lead To Substantial Cost Reductions. Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Demand Mitigation Strategies By Utilizing The Advanced Predictive Energy Usage Dashboards Provided By The Energy Management System.

Powerful Energy Offerings

Recognizing Inefficient Buildings And Circuits To Enhance Energy Conservation

Shopping Malls Stand Out As Significant Energy Consumers Owing To Their Extensive Lighting Requirements, Substantial Foot Traffic, And Extended Operational Hours. Key Areas Flagged For Energy Inefficiency Include Communal Spaces Like Entrances And Public Restrooms, HVAC Systems, And Food Courts. Given That Poorly Performing Structures Can Consume Up To Seven Times More Energy Than Their Highly Efficient Counterparts, Enhancing Energy Efficiency Not Only Benefits A Shopping Mall’s Financial Health But Also Contributes To Curbing Its Carbon Emissions. Great Energy1 Revolutionizes Conventional Energy Management By Pinpointing The Most Energy-Wasting Buildings And Circuits To Optimize Enhancements In Energy Efficiency


Utilizing Smart Analytics For Energy Efficiency Assessment

Utilizing Smart Analytics Optimizes Energy Efficiency Assessments By Leveraging Data Insights. Through Advanced Algorithms And Real-Time Monitoring, Businesses Can Identify Opportunities For Conservation, Reduce Wastage, And Enhance Sustainability Practices, Fostering A Greener Future


Identifying Least Efficient Buildings For Potential Savings

Identifying Least Efficient Buildings For Potential Savings: Utilizing Energy Audits And Data Analytics, Pinpointing Structures With High Consumption Rates Offers Opportunities For Cost-Effective Upgrades, Sustainability Initiatives, And Substantial Financial Savings


Prioritizing Circuit Improvements Based On Need

Analyzing Traffic Flow, Safety Concerns, And Infrastructure Age To Determine Which Circuits Require Immediate Attention For Upgrades, Ensuring Efficient Allocation Of Resources And Enhancing Overall Network Performance. Identifying Underperforming Buildings And Circuits Is Crucial In Reducing Energy Consumption And Costs, Especially Considering That Energy-Efficient Buildings Can Use Up To 85% Less Power.


Making Shopping Mall Energy Usage More Efficient And Cost- Effective

Efficient Energy Management Strategies Are Crucial For Optimizing Costs And Sustainability In Shopping Malls. Implementing Smart Technologies Like Led Lighting, Energy-Efficient HVAC systems, And Automated Controls Can Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption. Additionally, Adopting Renewable Energy Sources Such As Solar Panels Further Enhances Sustainability While Lowering Operational Expenses. By Prioritizing Energy Efficiency, Shopping Malls Can Achieve Cost-Effectiveness While Reducing Their Environmental Footprint. To Enhance The Energy Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness Of A Shopping Mall, Several Strategies Can Be Implemented


Energy Audits And Monitoring Systems

Enhancing Efficiency And Sustainability. Energy Audits Offer A Comprehensive Analysis Of Energy Usage Patterns, Identifying Inefficiencies And Cost-Saving Opportunities. Implementing Monitoring Systems Allows Real-Time Tracking Of Energy Consumption, Empowering Businesses To Make Informed Decisions For Optimization. By Integrating These Solutions, Organizations Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint, Lower Operational Costs, And Contribute To A Greener Future


HVAC Systems Optimization

Enhancing Efficiency For Comfortable Environments. In Today’s World, Where Energy Conservation Is Paramount, Optimizing HVAC Systems Is Crucial. Through Advanced Technology And Strategic Adjustments, We Can Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Energy Consumption, And Ensure Optimal Indoor Air Quality. From Intelligent Thermostats To Predictive Maintenance, Every Step Towards Optimization Brings Us Closer To A Sustainable And Comfortable Future


Natural Lighting And Daylight Harvesting

Harnessing The Power Of Natural Light Not Only Reduces Energy Consumption But Also Enhances Well-Being And Productivity. Daylight Harvesting Techniques Optimize The Use Of Sunlight, Utilizing Strategies Like Skylights, Light Shelves, And Reflective Surfaces. This Sustainable Approach Not Only Lowers Utility Costs But Also Creates A More Comfortable And Inviting Indoor Environment


Smart Building Management Systems

Smart Building Management Systems Integrate Advanced Technologies To Optimize Energy Usage, Enhance Security, And Improve Occupant Comfort. These Systems Employ Sensors, Ai Algorithms, And Automation To Regulate Lighting, Hvac, And Security Functions Efficiently. By Analyzing Real-Time Data, They Enable Proactive Maintenance, Reducing Costs And Environmental Impact While Ensuring A Seamless Building Experience For Occupants


Efficient Equipment And Appliances

Transforming Daily Operations. Investing In Energy-Efficient Equipment And Appliances Not Only Reduces Utility Costs But Also Minimizes Environmental Impact. From Smart Thermostats To Eco-Friendly Appliances, These Innovations Optimize Resource Usage While Enhancing Productivity. Embracing Such Technologies Aligns With Sustainability Goals, Promoting A Greener Future For Businesses And Households Alike.


Centralize Management Of All Commodity Usage

Great Energy1 Energy Management System Streamlines The Tracking Of All Commodity Usage, Consolidating Water, Air, Gas, Electric, And Steam (W.A.G.E.S.) Consumption Into One Cohesive Platform. Gain Access To Comprehensive Usage Data And Cost Breakdowns Through Intuitive Dashboards. Analyze Usage Trends Within Individual Buildings And Conduct Comparisons Across Different Locations. With The Innovative Leak Detective™ Feature, Receive Timely Alerts For Air And Water Leaks, Enabling Prompt Action To Conserve Resources And Reduce Costs. Effortlessly Generate Detailed Reports On All W.A.G.E.S. Commodity Usage

Powerful Energy Offerings

Popular Products Used In Energy Management For Shopping Malls


Cloud-Based Energy Management Solution

Maximize Efficiency And Sustainability With Our Cloud-Based Energy Management Solution. Monitor, Analyze, And Optimize Energy Usage Across Your Facilities From Anywhere, At Any Time. Utilize Real-Time Data Insights To Reduce Costs, Minimize Waste, And Lower Your Carbon Footprint. Take Control Of Your Energy Consumption And Drive Towards A Greener, More Efficient Future.


Facility Incoming From Utility

Efficiently Managing Incoming Utility Services Is Pivotal For Smooth Operations. Our Facility Ensures Seamless Integration Of Electricity, Water, And Other Essential Utilities. With Meticulous Planning And Proactive Maintenance, We Guarantee Uninterrupted Service Delivery, Empowering Your Business To Thrive Without Disruption. Trust Us To Optimize Utility Usage And Enhance Operational Efficiency.


Large Loads (400 A Or More)

For Heavy-Duty Power Needs, Nothing Beats The Capability Of Handling Large Loads, 400 A Or More. Whether It’s Industrial Machinery Or Extensive Electrical Systems, Robust Solutions Are Vital. Our Expertise Ensures Seamless Integration And Reliable Performance, Empowering Your Operations With The Power They Demand. Bacnet Capable Meter Unlock The Potential Of Your Building’s Energy Management With Our Bacnet Capable Meter. Seamlessly Integrate With Your Bacnet System For Comprehensive Monitoring And Control Of Energy Usage. Gain Real-Time Insights, Optimize Efficiency, And Reduce Costs Effortlessly. Elevate Your Building’s Performance With The Power Of Bacnet Compatibility


Smaller Loads (200 A Or More)

For Applications Requiring Precise Power Distribution In Compact Spaces, Our Smaller Loads, Rated At 200 A Or More, Offer Optimal Solutions. With A Focus On Efficiency And Reliability, Our Products Ensure Seamless Operation, Catering To Diverse Industrial Needs. Trust Our Expertise To Deliver High-Performance Solutions Tailored To Your Requirements.


Engineering Services

Get In Touch With Eig’s Team Of Seasoned Engineers who are proficient In Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, And Meter Engineering. They Are Ready To Support You In Designing, Commissioning, Verifying Start-Up, And Certifying Installations. Our Dedicated Team Will Guide Your Project To Fruition And Guarantee Its Success.

Efficient Warehouse Practices

Switch All Your Utility Shopping Center Suppliers In One Place With Us

Consolidating Utility Providers Can Simplify Management, Often Resulting In Better Pricing And Services. At Great Energy 1, Your One-Stop Shop, You Can Efficiently Switch All Your Shopping Center’s Utility Providers, Covering Gas, Electricity, And Emerging Energy Options. Enjoy The Convenience Of A Single Point Of Contact For All Your Energy Needs, Making Communication Easier And Troubleshooting Simpler, Providing Peace Of Mind. Additionally, Bundling Gas And Electricity Services Can Unlock Bundled Service Discounts, Potentially Leading To Significant Cost Savings.

This Approach Allows You To Benefit From Efficient Services At A More Favorable Price Point, Enhancing Your Overall Utility Management Experience. By Centralizing With Great Energy 1, You Can Optimize Your Energy Usage, Track Consumption Patterns More Effectively, And Tailor Energy Solutions To Meet The Specific Needs Of Your Shopping Center Operations. This Comprehensive Approach Not Only Streamlines Your Utility Management But Also Ensures That You Are Getting The Best Possible Energy Solutions For Your Business.

Answers to Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Energy In A Mall Powers Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Escalators, Elevators, And More. Lighting Illuminates Spaces For Shopping And Navigation, While Heating And Cooling Maintain Comfort. Escalators And Elevators Require Energy For Operation. Efficient Energy Management Is Crucial To Minimize Environmental Impact And Operational Costs In Modern Malls.

The Largest Source Of Energy Consumption In Commercial Buildings Often Stems From Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems. These Systems Are Crucial For Maintaining Comfortable Indoor Environments But Can Significantly Contribute To Energy Usage, Prompting A Growing Focus On Efficiency Measures And Alternative Energy Sources.

Discover The Most Energy-Intensive Sectors Driving Global Consumption. From Manufacturing To Transportation, Explore The Industries With Voracious Energy Appetites And Their Impact On Resources And Sustainability Efforts Worldwide

The Transportation Sector Stands As The Largest Consumer Of Energy In The US. From
Gasoline To Jet Fuel, It Encompasses Various Modes Of Transportation, Highlighting The
Crucial Role It Plays In Energy Consumption

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