Powerful Energy Offerings

Serving Companies

We proudly service a diverse range of energy accounts, catering to various needs and preferences.
Our commitment is to provide comprehensive solutions for all types of energy requirements.

Property Management

Efficient property management through expert gas and electric account optimization by GREAT ENERGY 1 Corp.

Nursing Homes

Comprehensive energy management for nursing homes by GREAT ENERGY 1 Corp, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

Manufacturing Companies

GREAT ENERGY 1 Corp crafts tailored energy solutions for manufacturing companies.


Tailored energy solutions designed for schools, enhancing learning environments.

Shopping Centers

Revolutionizing Retail Spaces: Comprehensive Energy Solutions for Shopping Centers

Office Buildings

GREAT ENERGY 1 Corp: Elevating office building efficiency through customized energy management solutions.


GREAT ENERGY 1 Corp boosts warehouses with smart energy solutions for better efficiency and savings.
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